My Wedding Dress Shopping Tip

It’s real. The wedding is real. Buying my wedding dress today makes it real. I love that I rolled up to the store in my sweats and put on my wedding dress and tried on different veils, and then changed right back into my sweats.

For anyone who cares about labels, it’s by Demetrios, and it’s part of the Young Sophisticates collection. It’s definitely a dream wedding dress, and I never would have been able to afford it had it not been for my hookup Judy at Paradise Creations here in San Clemente. Seriously, I got my dress for almost half of what I would have paid had I bought it at the Demetrios store. She also hooked up my bridesmaids on their dresses, which are by Jim Hjelm under his Just Teas collection.

That’s one of the tips/tricks I learned: Once you find your dream wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, go to a local, independent wedding dress retailer and see if he or she can meet or beat the price of the bigger competitors. More than likely, I bet the person at the mom-and-pop shop will get you a steal every time because it’s the only way he or she can stay in competition against the big retailers.

Anyhow, I did find a veil I liked, but it was too expensive, plus, I couldn’t afford to buy it today anyway. My jewelry will be very minimal because the dress is so … WOW. I also need to get shoes. I’m thinking of just getting some off-white ballet slippers or something. I want to make sure I’m comfortable so I can dance without feeling like my feet are on fire, which is what tends to happen when I go the heels-route. Plus, Mr. Man isn’t too much taller than me. (He’s 5 feet 8 inches; I’m 5 feet 6 inches.) I figured ballet-like flats would be cheap and comfy. Anyone have any suggestions for me on cheap and comfy wedding shoes?

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2 Responses to My Wedding Dress Shopping Tip

  1. Wendy says:

    One of my friends wore a pair of simple but nice heels for the actual ceremony, but then changed into Steve Madden sequined flip flops for the reception! She was comfy but still a little stylish, and it didnt really matter cause you couldnt even see the shoes unless she held up the dress and showed you.

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