The 3 Most Important Things

One of the great tips I’ve picked up from Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits when it comes to simplifying life and finding happiness, is to schedule the three most important things to accomplish each day. Ideally, one of those three is something that is a stepping stone for a larger goal.

I’ve been trying this tip for a couple of weeks now, and it really is amazing how well it works. Take today for example. My three most important things to get done today were:

  • Spend some much needed alone time with Adam.
  • Review our wedding plans, to-do list, and budget.
  • Write a post for the blog.

Not only did I accomplish my three most important things, but I also got even more done:

I exercised.

I went to yoga this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see I had greatly improved from class last week. I could do the side planks for the full time, and I maintained better form on my chaturanga pose. I still can’t get my hands flat on the ground though during forward bends.

Adam and I ran errands we’d been putting off.

We had some gift cards and a few items to exchange from our couples’ shower. We took care of that and shopped a little bit for wedding bands. Sadly, the few stores we went in were above our price range. (Ah, the recurring theme of planning a wedding during a recession.) The ring I liked was $450 and the one Adam liked was $750! We’re trying to keep each ring under $250 or no more than $500 for both rings. We like the idea of going simple now with the plan that we can upgrade on one of the bigger anniversaries.

I helped Adam fix our kitchen sink.

OK, so I didn’t really help him other than to dump water out of the filled-up sink into a bucket and then dump that water into the toilet.

Because Adam is a guy, our maintenance man for the apartment complex always has Adam try to fix something first before he’ll come out and do it. It’s a frustrating reality that comes with living in our apartment.

I wrote a thank-you note for our shower gifts.

That’s right: I wrote one. That’s another tip I’ve learned. I’ve set my bar a lot lower. Last year, I would have made it a goal to write five or 10 thank-you notes in a night. I never would have done it and then been frustrated that I didn’t accomplish my goal. Now, my goal has been just to do one a day, and most days, I meet that goal, and it feels extremely satisfying, even if it’s petty.

Tomorrow my three most important things are:

  • Search and apply for (where applicable) more freelance writing and/or editing jobs.
  • Go get groceries at Trader Joe’s.
  • Write a post.

What are yours?

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2 Responses to The 3 Most Important Things

  1. The Mad Turk says:

    I’m totally going to workout and start setting up my awesome power tool I just bought. Anyone need anything sawed? I can do it at any angle.
    (that’s what she said.)

  2. Enid (woo woo) says:

    I completely agree with the whole concept of “lower expectations” (queue the lowered expectations song from Mad TV or whatever show that was on). It sets you up to get more accomplished by not feeling overwhelmed with huge to do lists. Hmm, what will my three be for today…….1) Go on a run in the morning 2) Buy a new book at the local second-hand bookstore and ….3) pay my credit cards with my tax return.

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