More Wedding Planning Tips

Happy Valentine’s Day! So far, this has been my best Valentine’s Day ever. Adam and I accomplished a lot of our wedding planning chores this morning:

  • We called and left messages with two of the wedding cake makers that were recommended to us.
  • We emailed a possible wedding ceremony musician.
  • We called our wedding DJ, who is also our friend, to make sure everything was good to go with that.
  • Adam called/left messages with his groomsmen to send him their measurements.
  • We emailed our contact through the City of San Clemente who rents our facility (the Ole Hanson Beach Club) about a payment discrepancy. We were charged extra and we want to find out if they made a mistake. We also need to find out if the balance we owe already takes into account the deposit we put down.
  • We wrote our engagement announcement.
  • We printed, signed, and mailed our deposit to our florist, Pamela Lowe Florals.

After that, we went to my dress lady Judy at Paradise Creations to look at tuxes for Adam and his groomsmen. Adam and I both fell in love with the same tux – it felt so wonderful to genuinely agree on something for a change! It’s a black with chalk stripe Ralph Lauren tuxedo with a black vest, ivory shirt and wide silver tie. (In the picture, the model wearing a blue vest and tie.) The groomsmen will be in the same, but their ties will be burgundy to match my bridesmaids’ dresses.

After leaving the dress shop, we went to a few different independent jewelry stores. Last week, we went to a Bailey Banks and Biddle and everything was way out of our price range. When we shopped around between the mom-and-pop jewelry stores in San Clemente, the rings were a fraction of the price. One of the reasons is because Bailey Banks and Biddle didn’t carry white gold, which is what my engagement ring is. They only carry platinum.

Even between the independent jewelers, there were serious price fluctuations. One store had basically the same ring I wanted for almost triple the price at another store! That’s why I can’t stress enough:

  • Shop around for everything you buy regarding your wedding.
  • Independent, or mom-and-pop stores, are almost always better in prices and in service.
  • Don’t do anything right away. Put it on hold, leave the store, talk it over, maybe even do some more shopping around, and then make your decision.

So we put the ring on hold. We’re still trying to decide what we want to have engraved in our rings. We want to put the date of our wedding for sure (05/23/09), but beyond that we have to keep it really short and sweet because my ring and my fingers are so tiny. We’re thinking about just a couple of words and having them translated in Welsh. (Adam is a third-generation Welshman.)

Now, we’re back home and about to enjoy a lovely Christmas gift we received from my brother and sister-in-law for a full-course seafood dinner with shrimp cocktail, clam chowder and lobster. Then we’re off the The Cellar to enjoy its Valentine’s Day special of champagne and chocolates for $5.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

Goals Update:
I accomplished my three most important things today:

  • Took care of wedding chores
  • Wrote a thank-you note
  • Had a lovely, romantic Valentine’s Day with Mr. Man

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things

  • Write and submit a writing sample for a possible freelance writing job.
  • Make contact and hopefully do some interviews with people for my Cat Fancy freelance writing assignment.
  • Go to yoga.
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4 Responses to More Wedding Planning Tips

  1. Mauri-Ri says:

    I’m liking the suit =]

  2. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    I also had a great Valentine’s Day. One of my good friends had a baby and Chase and I had a nice romantic day (with Elaina). Chase bought me a dozen roses, my favorite chocolates and a candle. For Chase, I got him a bunch of gourmet deserts and made dinner accompanied by rose petals and candles (and Elaina). Elaina and I got dressed up in fancy dresses and surprised Chase. It was cute.

    It sounds like you are moving on the wedding plans. Your Valentine’s sounded wonderful. Say hello to Mr. Man for me:)

    Great Blog! Miss you!

  3. at276601 says:

    You forgot the lobsters.

  4. at276601 says:

    And “Zach and Miri Make a Porno” is one of the most hilarious films ever, by the way.

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