Tricks to Beat Procrastination

Well, it’s been a week since I started writing this blog, and I have to say: I love it. It’s something I’d been putting off for years. My biggest excuse for putting it off was that I was almost always working two jobs. And to be fair, if and when I start a new steady freelance writing or editing job, I’ll have to figure out a new plan.

A few things helped push me over the edge:

  • I started reading Zen Habits and The Happiness Project regularly, and they became a large inspiration for me.
  • I no longer had a second job.
  • I’d watched a few of my close friends launch blogs of their own.
  • I wanted an outlet to motivate, organize and keep me inspired with all of the various goals and projects I was/am juggling.

One of Jen’s blog posts in particular, “Consider Starting Your Own Blog,” really motivated me. (You’ll notice that Jen’s Procrastinating Writers blog is on my Blogroll.)

She was right: Blogging has proven to be unbelievably rewarding. I love ending my day sharing what I’ve accomplished, what goals I hope to accomplish, and everything I learn along the way. And, it doesn’t take nearly as much work as I thought it would. Actually, I take that back. It does take some work, but I love doing it so much that it doesn’t seem like work at all.

In fact, this blog is my weapon against procrastination.

I’ve always written to-do lists and goals in my journal or on notebook paper. I even prioritized them much like I do now with my three most important things for the day. Sometimes I would complete my list, sometimes I wouldn’t. It was never that big of a deal.

The difference is that now, my three most important things for the day are out there for all to see. It doesn’t matter whether I have one reader or one million readers; it’s the fact that I’ve made my daily goals public, and it’s much more difficult for me to let things slide when other people are watching.

Now that I almost always accomplish my three most important things for the day, I’ve also noticed that the stuff we put off is rarely as bad as we make it out to be.

For example, the whole way to the gym this afternoon, I thought about how easy it would be to just turn around and go home. I definitely did not have the itch to run. I had the itch to nap. But I went, and I ran for 35 minutes on the treadmill and stretched in the sauna afterward, and after my workout I thought, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad, and now that it’s over, I feel awesome.”

So thank you, Jen. I can proudly say that I am no longer a procrastinating writer when it comes to blogging. Now, when it comes to that book I want to write, that’s another story …

Goals Update:
I accomplished all three of my most important things today:

  • I contacted people for my Cat Fancy article.
  • I created and submitted a sample for a possible freelance writing job.
  • I did not go to yoga this morning, but I did go to the gym and ran three miles. I didn’t make all three miles at the 10:42-minute pace, but I still finished them in less than 35 minutes.

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things:

  • Follow up with freelance work.
  • Call a couple of out-of-town friends.
  • Start planning a going away party for one of my good friends who is moving to Australia.
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