Burn More Calories Effortlessly in Your Workouts With This Sneaky Trick

First off, if you don’t exercise with music, start now. If you already exercise with music, make sure you’re picking the right music, and you’ll burn a ton more calories without even noticing. Listening to the right kind of music helps you exercise longer and harder. The fast beat keeps you moving and distracts you from getting tired.

But just what constitutes the “right kind of music?”

Well, according to this New York Times article by Steven Kurutz, if you want to really tear it up while running on the treadmill, your music needs to have at least 140 beats-per-minute (BPM). A good example for reference is the song “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers, which is 150 BPM. (Well, how about that? That song happens to be on my Workout Mix on my iPod!)

I’ll share my best workout music at another time. For now, it’s my goal to get to bed early tonight (my goal is 10 p.m., and seeing as how it’s 9:45 p.m. now, I don’t think I’m going to make it) because once again, getting up at 5:30 a.m. is more painful than watching a marathon of “The Hills” and finding out how much the reality TV show “stars” get paid per episode. Oh, it hurts.

What do you listen to when you exercise?

Goals Update:
My goals were pretty vague today, but I can say that I made progress on all of them:

  • I followed up with my freelance work, but haven’t heard anything back.
  • I got contacts for the going away party, but I didn’t start any planning.
  • I talked to one of my out-of-town friends tonight, and it was wonderful!

Other Stuff I Got Done:

  • I went grocery shopping. I broke down and went to Albertson’s this time though. There were too many name-brand items I needed, like cat litter, toothpaste, the vanilla yogurt ice cream we like, etc.

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things

  • Go to the couples’ dinner at the pastor’s house who will be performing our ceremony.
  • Write a thank-you note.
  • Do laundry.
  • (You may have noticed that by this point, I’ve stopped putting “Write a post.” That’s kind of a given now. But I consider that my one daily goal that’s working toward a bigger-picture goal.)

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One Response to Burn More Calories Effortlessly in Your Workouts With This Sneaky Trick

  1. at276601 says:

    I listen to all kinds of music — I’m probably doing myself a disservice while I’m running and listening to Louis Armstrong crooning rather than “Du Haast,” but what can I say?
    As far as lifting weights, I find listening to talk radio or a book on tape actually helps me be distracted and makes the session seem to go faster.

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