2 Hard Truths About Wedding Planning

Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of posts on wedding planning lately, but we’re just a few days from the three-month countdown, and I know things are about to snow.

I also know that I’m tired of cranking out resumes to freelance work I’m only halfway interested in and getting no results. I’m tired of stressing about how we’re going to pull this wedding off without going into more debt. I’m tired of stressing about Mr. Man’s hours being cut at Radio Shack. (I should probably clarify that Radio Shack is Mr. Man’s second/side job. His primary job is at the Orange County Register where he is a reporter, blogger, and illustrator.)

I’ve freaked out over wedding invitations, ceremony floral decorations, and wedding bands. I’ve thrown a tantrum because “it’s not fair” that the worst recession in decades had to fall right when we had deposits all over San Clemente saying that, yes, May 23, 2009 is indeed the day we’re getting married. In all this I’ve learned that:

There’s nothing quite like a wedding to bring out the worst in a girl.

I have been the source of all my stress.

Maybe it was last night’s couples’ dinner at our pastor’s house that reminded me what the real purpose of this wedding is.  It opened my eyes to how much my wedding fantasies have consumed me.

The whole wedding frenzy reminds me of Christmas. It’s so easy to get caught up in getting and giving the best, biggest presents that we forget about the true spirit of the holiday.

So, now that this has had a chance to sink in, I’m ready to sit down with Mr. Man this weekend and see where we can trim more. My three new favorite words are “simple,” “basic,” and “classic.”

Anyone else feel me on getting caught up in the wedding gluttony?

Goals Update:
I only accomplished all my two of my three most important things today:

  • I picked up my friends from the airport.
  • I wrote a thank-you note.
  • I did not set aside 15 minutes of personal time to meditate. Technically, I could cheat and say that my time alone in the drive up to the airport counted as this, but I won’t.

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things:

  • Set aside 15 minutes of personal time for meditation.
  • Complete an interview for the Cat Fancy article I’m working on.
  • Write a thank-you note.

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1 Response to 2 Hard Truths About Wedding Planning

  1. That is sooo true. I also have found myself getting so caught up in planning and thinking about how I need to impress other people. And in reality all it should be about is marrying the love of my life and sharing the moment with my family and friends. Thanks for sharing!

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