Lent: I’m Really Doing It This Time

Happy Mardi Gras! In ode to the days when I actually could speak French, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (Translation: Let the good times roll!)

Some of my friends went out to celebrate tonight, and I wish we could have joined them, but we’re sticking to a strict budget now that we’re under the 90-day mark until the wedding.

However, I’m enjoying several glasses of red wine tonight because as of tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, it is officially Lent.

I’ve never taken Lent very seriously partly because it wasn’t strictly enforced when I was growing up and partly because, well, once I was on my own, I just didn’t care or wasn’t paying attention. Here and there I’ve made feeble attempts to give up Diet Coke or junk food, but I’ve never successfully completed a Lent season.

Now that I’ve taken a renewed interest in faith and spirituality (or as I like to call my faith “Buddhistianity”), I have a renewed respect for the concept of Lent. It represents sacrifice and self-denial, and I think those concepts are easy to forget in our modern day, busy lives.

If I wanted to be a purist about Lent, I would be fasting for these 40 days. Realistically, I know there is no way I could pull that off at this stage. However, I would like to do that eventually.

Instead, I’m lowering my expectations. This year, I am going to sacrifice two of my favorite foods and drinks: Red wine and meat. (This really hurts because I just bought a delicious, juicy flank steak that I had incorporated into my meal plan for this week. Guess Mr. Man gets it all to himself.)

On that note, I’m off to drink more red wine in honor of Mardi Gras …

Goals Update:
I accomplished two of my three most important things today:

  • I called my contact about wedding ceremony musicians.
    (Mr. Man and I are working on alternate plans. Who knew wedding ceremony musicians actually wanted to get paid? This might be another scenario where my dreams of a tuxedo-clad string quartet and a svelte harpist get bludgeoned to death by The Recession Hammer.)
  • I went on a short run.
    (And it was a very good short run — I added in sprints and I did completed it in under 20 minutes when it used to take me anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes.)
  • I did not work on my Cat Fancy freelance assignment, but that was only because our Internet was down until around 9 p.m. tonight because of issues with Cox (long, boring story there).

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things:

  • Go to the informational meeting at California State University, Fullerton about its fully-employed MBA program.
  • Work on Cat Fancy freelance assignment.
  • Investigate alternate transportation options for wedding guests.
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One Response to Lent: I’m Really Doing It This Time

  1. jennifer says:

    I’m giving up dessert for Lent…and when I say dessert, I mean ice cream, milk shakes, cookies, cakes…things of that nature. I’m NOT giving up having an after-inner snack (like fruit or granola) because that is part of how I get my calories for the day. Some people think that’s hypocritical, but I disagree. Dessert isn’t a meal (to me), it’s a type of food (ice cream, not fruit).

    Anyhow…I did it last year, so I can do it again this year!! Also, I need to get in shape, and what better way than to give up dessert for 40 days!! I’ll look fab at your wedding! 🙂

    Good luck with your Lent!

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