Ball Powder Survey

Mr. Man loves his Gold Bond ball powder.

Mr. Man loves his Gold Bond ball powder.

Last night was the going away party for my friend who is moving to Australia. It was sad to leave her today, but last night was a super fun celebration in her honor.

At some point in the night, we got onto the topic of when one of my friends inadvertently dried her hands with “the ball towel” in our bathroom. She was like, “What’s a ball towel?”

I can’t remember if I explained to her what it was or if Mr. Man did, but the ball towel is an old towel he puts down on the floor and stands on so that it catches all the powder from powdering his balls after he gets out of the shower.

I’ve learned that powdering your balls prevents the dreaded “swamp ass” or “mud butt,” which is where your balls get super sweaty and then stick to your legs.

So I’m sharing this story last night and laughing, and as I go along, I notice some of the other guys are giving me this weird, quizzical look, and I’m like, “Well, you know, you guys all do it too, right?” And the couple of guys shook their heads vigorously side to side, and we all busted up laughing.

Once I wiped the tears away from laughing so hard, I was like, “Really? You guys don’t?” And they said no, they didn’t need to.

Apparently some men’s balls are sweatier than others.

Now, I should preface here that although I have brothers, they are much older than me, so I didn’t grow up with them. I have no idea if they use ball powder. I remember sometime around junior-high age finding out that that was the purpose of my dad’s Goldbond powder, and of course, this became a giant source of amusement to all my girlfriends and me. At different times one of us would run off and grab “the penis powder” (that’s what we called it), and then chase the others around the house trying to get the powder on them.

So, if my dad used ball powder, my first serious boyfriend used ball powder, and now my fiancé used ball powder, my natural assumption was that most, if not all, men used ball powder.

Last night was my first indication that no, not all men powder their balls after showering.

Once all this was out in the open, the topic of ball powder couldn’t be stopped. We did a small survey of our male friends (a total of 15 men were polled), and here are the results:

Yes: 4
Sometimes: 4
No: 5
No response: 2

My personal favorite response was from my friend I’ll call T who said, “I tried it for a while a few years ago … but discontinued use as it didn’t do me much good other than to make my naughty bits smell like they belonged to a baby.”

Please add to this important research. Share your ball hygiene by taking my poll.

Goals Update:
I accomplished my three most important things today:

  • I took my friend to the airport (and got up at 5 a.m. to do so after going to bed around 2:30 a.m. My sleep schedule is so out of whack right now.)
  • I worked on my Cat Fancy freelance article.
  • I exercised. Today was light exercise. I just went on an hour-long leisurely walk along the beach.

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things:

  • Work more on my Cat Fancy freelance article.
  • Exercise.
  • Create a new healthy meal plan for next week.

Other Updates:

  • We picked up my wedding band. The band was too small to engrave, sadly. It’s beautiful. I’ll make sure to post pictures after the wedding. (I feel like it would be spoiling it to show it before then.)
  • I had a minor slip-up with Lent yesterday. I ate a couple bites of pizza that I didn’t realize had pepperoni on it. When I found out, I gave it to Mr. Man to finish, which sucked because it was really good pizza from Pizza Port.
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