2 Reasons to Celebrate

Two great things happened today. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had two pieces of awesome news in one day.

Reason to Celebrate No. 1
Mr. Man received company-wide recognition for his record highs with the Around Disney blog he runs (yes, it is listed on my blogroll) and for his skilled work as an illustrator for the Orange County Register. Besides getting attention, he also received free movie tickets.

Reason to Celebrate No. 2
During my lunch break, I paid our balance to rent the Ole Hanson Beach Club for our wedding. It was a hefty chunk of change, but it felt so rewarding to know that we worked hard, saved, and paid the balance in full. We’ve been tracking our budget closely, and I’m really proud of how well we’re staying on target (so far).

This year has started off on a sour note, and I’m pretty sure it’s not just us. A lot of us have lost jobs or had our hours cut. Our current economic conditions make exciting, happy news a rarity.

That’s why when good news does come your way, or when you make serious progress toward a big goal, it is imperative that you reward yourself. Sure, other people will congratulate you, but if you don’t take the time and effort to acknowledge your achievement, you cheat your motivation to keep up the hard work.

So to celebrate our good news tonight, I made one of our favorite meals and we had champagne. We had grapes with brie cheese and crackers for an appetizer and my tuna tostadas. (I’ll share this recipe in another post.)

How do you reward yourself for a job well-done or when you hit a goal milestone?

Goals Update:
I accomplished all three of my most important things today:

  • I called my friend. (We didn’t connect, but we’ll keep trying.)
  • I went to weightlifting class and had a really challenging workout. (I could barely lift my arms just to wash my hair in the shower!)
  • I worked on my Cat Fancy freelance article. (I didn’t do much at all tonight, so I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.)

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things:

  • Go on a short run.
  • Work on my Cat Fancy freelance article. (I’m counting this as two because it’s that important.)
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4 Responses to 2 Reasons to Celebrate

  1. jennifer says:

    I tend to buy myself something off my Amazon wishlist or I go to the bookstore or craft store and get myself a magazine or craft supplies. Another small way I reward myself is with Starbucks coffee.

    I totally agree that rewarding yourself makes it a whole lot easier to stick with goals.

    My fitness/health goal is to be toned and feeling healthy by May 12 (just in time for your wedding). If I do this, I am rewarding myself by buying a Betsey Johnson dress to wear to your wedding. If I don’t hit my goal, I am wearing a dress from my closet.

  2. thanks, your article is very informative. : )

  3. Timory Wilson says:

    I, of course, buy an ice cream cone from DQ or McDonalds. 🙂

  4. Crys says:

    By far taking the time to reward yourself and recognize the fact is important. It just feels so much better when you do.

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