Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women's Day was March 5. I'm celebrating a little late.

International Women's Day was March 5. I'm celebrating a little late.

Oops.  So I missed International Women’s Day. Apparently it was Thursday, March 5. For some reason I thought it was tomorrow, Sunday, March 8.  I guess I kind of celebrated, seeing as how I shared my experience as a sponsor.

I had planned on listening to the Women for Women International teleconference, but now that I know it was on Thursday, I wouldn’t have been able to anyway, as I would have been working. Here’s what I missed:

“To celebrate the strength and accomplishments of women, we invite you to join a Global Teleconference March 5. Global Program Executive Director Karen Sherman and Dr. Grace Fisiy, Agribusiness Specialist, will talk about what women in our program are doing to eradicate hunger in their countries.

The global food crisis has forced 100 million people into extreme poverty causing food prices and every day necessities to double over the past year. Families are left wondering where they’ll find the next meal.

But women are fighting back. In our Commercial Integrated Farming Initiative (CIFI) they are acquiring skills that will allow them to end the food crisis forever. They will learn how to use sustainable farming practices to grow crops that can help feed their families, earn an income and move from victim to survivor.”

Next year, I think I might host an event for this.

Here’s some more information on CIFI programs in Sudan and Rwanda.

The CIFI program in Sudan

The CIFI program in Rwanda

Goals Update:

For now, it’s back to work on my Cat Fancy freelance article, which has now been upgraded to my one most important thing for the day until it’s finished and submitted.

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