How We Made Our Wedding Invitations

We’re down to our final 9 wedding invitations to get out, and it feels wonderful! We’re hoping to get these last ones finished and in the mail tomorrow.

The bulk of them were sent out over the last two weekends, so the RSVP cards are trickling in every day. It’s so much fun to open them!

We made our own wedding invitations, which took a lot of work, but it was totally worth it. I highly, highly recommend making your own wedding invitations because:

1.    It saves you a ton of money.
2.    They’re guaranteed to be personal and unique.
3.    You have total control from start to finish and don’t have to worry about anything getting botched or misprinted.

Here’s the rough breakdown on the materials we used to make our invitations:

  • $100:  2 invitation kits and 3 packages of vellum paper from Staples.
  • $20: 10 rolls of light pink ribbon from Michael’s, four tubes of colored ink for calligraphy pen.
  • $60: Stamps for all the wedding invitations and enclosed RSVP cards. (We sent/are sending out about 90 invitations.)

Supplies we already had:

  • Calligraphy pen
  • X-Acto knife
  • Paper cutter
  • Printer

On the large card for the invitation, Mr. Man drew black-and-white caricatures of us dancing in our wedding ensembles with the date of our wedding in bold below.


Then we cut the vellum sheets to fit the invitations and printed the information that would normally go on the card on the vellum. To incorporate our wedding colors, the ceremony information was printed in a merlot ink.


Next, we overlapped the two cards and cut slits with an X-Acto knife at the top of the card. We threaded light pink ribbon through both and tied it in a bow. That way we were able to incorporate both of our wedding colors (blush and merlot) into the invitations.


We also designed these with the idea in mind that the top vellum layer could be taken off, and friends and family would be left with a cute keepsake of our wedding.


The RSVP cards and envelopes also were printed in a merlot ink.

We’re fortunate that Mr. Man also knows calligraphy, so he provided the calligraphy for the wedding invitation addresses. They didn’t have a merlot-colored ink, so we opted for regular purple.

Again, it took a lot of work, but we’re both really proud of them and the fact that we were able to do everything for less than $200.

And we’ve been getting tons of compliments on them from everyone, which feels wonderful! It’s also nice to have your work and creativity recognized and appreciated. So thank you for all the lovely compliments!

Goals Update:
I didn’t accomplish my three most important things the other day, and I’ve been slacking a bit. However, I did accomplish my three most important things for today:

  • Exercised. I went on a 30-minute run. It’s a route that normally takes me 20 minutes, but I’m still building my strength and endurance back up after being so sick.
  • Worked on wedding planning. I followed up with our wedding cake maker, Christina, and our wedding florist, Pamela Lowe. I also reviewed our checklist on
  • Worked on my CatChannel freelance article.

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things:

  • Send out our remaining wedding invitations.
  • Exercise.
  • Create a healthy meal plan for next week.
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One Response to How We Made Our Wedding Invitations

  1. at276601 says:

    This is a great how-to for anyone. After doing the save-the-dates and making all our mistakes there, the invitations went really smoothly.

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