30 Easy Tips to Go Green

Try one new go-green tip every day for a month.

Try one new go-green tip every day for a month.

A friend of mine recently sent me an email from SparkPeople with a month’s worth of ways to be more environmentally friendly. The 30 Days to a Greener Lifestyle calendar for April has some really good tips and goal ideas.

I found that I do many of the suggestions, but there are definitely some areas where I can improve. The ones in bold are habits I need to work on:

1.    Recycle.
2.    Use cloth napkins.  (I admit that I tend to use paper towels/paper napkins more often.)
3.    Bring your own bags to the grocery.
4.    Buy local.
5.    Use your library.
6.    Install low-flow showerheads. (I live in an apartment, so we can’t.)
7.    Unplug your appliances when they’re not in use. (I’m terrible at this. I turn stuff off, but I rarely unplug anything.)
8.    Cut down on your meat consumption. (I wonder what the impact was of my giving up meat for Lent?)
9.    Drive less. (Here’s an area where I could do better. I could carpool, I just choose not to. Yes, I know it’s selfish, but I love my flexibility to run errands at lunch and not worry about other people’s schedules. Mr. Man and I shared one car for almost three weeks and I thought I was going to lose my mind!)
10.    Hang your laundry.
11.    Use reusable bottles and mugs.
12.    Print on both sides of the paper.
13.    See if you can’t repair stuff (toasters, chairs, etc.) before trashing it.
14.    Buy bamboo products. Bamboo grows faster than trees. (I didn’t know this and would never have thought to explore bamboo, so this is definitely on my list to try.)
15.    Reduce packaging.
16.    Use rechargeable batteries.
17.    Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season. (I do a better job of this when I shop at my farmer’s market regularly.)
18.    Buy natural fabrics like wool and cotton over man-made ones like acrylics. (Hmm, I know I don’t pay enough attention to this one. Although I think most of my stuff is cotton…)
19.    Celebrate your small apartment, car and/or house. It’s energy-efficient!
20.    Clean green. Use cleaning products that have ingredient lists and make an effort to be environmentally-friendly.
21.    Create a compost pile. (Yeah, I’m just not ready to go to that next level, even if I had a house with a yard.)
22.    Shop second-hand first. (I hardly ever do this except for with books and movies.)
23.    Cut your oil dependence. Don’t buy oil-based products,  such as certain soaps and detergents. (If only it were that easy with our cars!)
24.    Buy organic.
25.    Buy products that show the companies care about the environment too. For example, buy products that use recycled packaging.
26.    The next time you have to replace an appliance, try Energy Star ones that are more energy-efficient. (I will try and remember this.)
27.    Lower your water heater temperature and skip washing your clothes in hot water whenever possible. (We can’t control our water heater temperature, but I can stop washing my whites in hot water.)
28.    Don’t let your car idle while you wait. Turn it off.
29.    Donate money to an environmentally-friendly cause. (I need to research this.)
30.    Contact your utility companies to see if they have any greener options you don’t know about. (I should do this with our gas and electric bills.)

Which green habits do you need to work on?

Goals Update:
I accomplished my three most important things today:

  • I worked on my CatChannel freelance article.
  • I wrote a thank-you note.
  • I exercised. I ran for about 15 minutes and biked for 10 minutes. I made sure to stretch really well at the end, and I rewarded myself with 10 minutes in the sauna. I forgot how much I missed the sauna!

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things:

  • Same as yesterday’s.
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4 Responses to 30 Easy Tips to Go Green

  1. Jennifer says:

    wow…what a nice friend! 🙂

    The green tips I need to work on are:
    -bringing grocery bags to the store (I have them, but always forget to bring them with me!)
    -unplug appliances
    -greener bill stuff (electric)
    -cloth napkins

  2. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Yeah, she is pretty phenomenal! Hey, to be fair, I keep all friend mentions confidential.

  3. at276601 says:

    I’ve actually started to eat a lot less meat without even thinking about it, what with my partner in crime giving up meat for lent.
    She’s such a good cook, I barely noticed.
    Still have to have a big chunk of juicy steak every other week or so. Red meat is what makes us smart and fast and strong.

  4. Mary q Contrarie says:

    Nice list I feel like I already do a lot of these. I wanted to make sure that your readers remember that they do not need a clothesline to air dry their laundry a clothes drying rack works beautifully no matter if the sun is shining or not.

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