My Goals Update

Well, it’s been more than a week since I’ve written a post, and in fact, this is my first one for the month of May. My No. 1 priority for May is the wedding, and it is amazing how much wedding planning is crammed into the last month.

 We have 17 days left, and it has been crazy getting ready these last couple of weeks, especially with all the overtime I worked last week because of the swine flu outbreak.

However, the swine flu outbreak helped me achieve one of my goals for 2009: Get at least one freelance article published in a new magazine or web site. You can read my swine flu article here.

That reminded me that I haven’t posted any updates on my goals for 2009, so I figured I’d share how I’m doing with them:

Professional Goals:

  • Start and maintain my blog Tenacious Me.

OK, so granted, I’m not doing A+ worthy work on maintaining Tenacious Me right now, but at least it’s still up and running. I know I’m doing the best I can with it for right now. 

  • Get another steady freelance writing or editing gig.

I have not made any progress on this. I will get back to it after the wedding and honeymoon are over. 

  • Get at least one freelance article published in a new magazine or web site.

Woo hoo! I can take this one off my list. Although, I’d like to get another one published in a magazine that isn’t Cat Fancy/CatChannel or on a web site that isn’t part of the WebMD Health Network.

I did meet with an adviser at California State University, Fullerton and found out that I have to take calculus before I can apply to the MBA program there. I have also met with a Saddleback College adviser and found out that I need to take a few math classes as prerequisites before I can take the business calculus class. I also have the option to test out of the math classes. All of the above options are going to be time-consuming. I’ll revisit this goal after the wedding and honeymoon are over.

  • Complete half of a novel I want to write.

I have made zero progress on this goal. I can almost see my Procrastinating Writer friend shaking her head in disappointment. Hey, it’s not like I’m not writing almost every day! It’s just writing here – not on my novel. 

Relationship Goals:

  • Fully enjoy our once-in-a-lifetime wedding and honeymoon, and enjoy the process of making it happen.

Oh, the wedding. This has definitely been an experience. I’m still enjoying it, fearing it, cursing it, and loving it.

  • Talk with all friends I don’t get to see on a regular basis at least once a month.

I have not been good at this goal at all lately. Like many other goals, this one has gotten pushed down on the priority list because of the wedding.

Financial Goals:

  • Break even after the wedding/pay off any debt incurred from the wedding.

I feel really proud of this one. We have done a great job at sticking to our budget, well mostly. 

  • Help Adam quit working his second job at Radio Shack after the wedding.

This was an easy one. Adam’s sanity demanded he stop working, and I agreed. We’re making it work. Besides he only quit about one month earlier than we agreed upon.

  • Continue to reduce debt.

As of now, we’re not reducing our debt, and we’ve taken on a little bit of new debt for the wedding, but it’s not anything that can’t be paid off in a couple of months. 

Exercise/Fitness Goals:

  • Run a mile in under eight minutes. (At some point in time, I read that when you’re “in shape,” you can run a mile in eight minutes or less.)

I haven’t tested myself recently on this one. The last time I tried earlier this year, I think the fastest I was down to was nine minutes and 30 seconds. 

  • Run the Turkey Trot.

Fortunately, this isn’t until November, and I feel confident that I’ll be ready for it.

  • Continue to work out regularly (five times a week) and improve my diet (eat more fruits and vegetables and smaller portions).

I’ve made a lot of progress here. The wedding had absolutely nothing to do with this, of course. I actually prefer my early morning workouts to my evening workouts now.

Spiritual Goals:

  • Complete 10 minutes of meditation three times a week.

I have totally let this one slide. Sometimes I meditate while I’m in the sauna, but I definitely haven’t been able to lately.

I have not finished the book, nor have I even picked it up in a few months. I’ll take it with me on the plane to our honeymoon. That is going to be one long flight! 

Happiness Goals: 

  • Cut down on working overtime.

I’ve been pretty good at this too. I did have to work a lot of overtime last week because of the swine flu outbreak, but that was a special circumstance. Most of the time, I stick to my 40 hours a week.

  • Identify and remove extraneous elements in my life that prevent me from focusing on hobbies that I enjoy. (For example, I notice that I check my email way more than necessary.)

I’ve definitely made progress here too. I watch much less television than I used to. I’ll never be able to give up my Daily Show and/or Colbert Report though.

  • Practice letting go of annoyances and accepting everyone exactly as they are.

Ah, this one has been tested a lot lately. It is a challenge to truly let go of annoyances or grievances, especially when you feel you have been wronged. Now that I’m aware of my decision, I’m finding it’s getting easier to let things go. Yes, I still get upset and frustrated, but it doesn’t fester in me for nearly as long as it used to.

So all in all, for being almost halfway through the year, I’d say I’m not doing too shabby. How are you doing on your goals for 2009?

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4 Responses to My Goals Update

  1. Those are a lot of great goals!! I really think you can do ’em if you put your mind to it. I have a post about getting to your goals on my site that you might want to check out. 🙂

  2. HEY! I’m not shaking my head! You started this blog and have maintained it pretty consistently! That’s a start toward dveloping a habit of writing. You still have 6 more months to get the novel written! (And if you need help with this, let me know. I have TONS of tips/tricks.)

  3. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  4. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Yes, this is true. It’ll be so weird to see what life is like when it’s not consumed by saving for and working on a wedding! I’m sure I’ll be hitting you up for tips.

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