Freelance Work Alert

This is a quick note to say that my slideshow on the history of the no-kill animal shelter movement is now up on CatChannel. Check it out, and find out what the no-kill movement is.

I have a feature article in Cat Fancy that comes out in the July issue. (You may remember me talking about working on this article in several older posts.)

The slideshow for CatChannel marks my second piece of freelance work this year – well, not including the few posts I did at the beginning of January for First30Days before the freelance writers got laid off. My other freelance work was an article for MedicineNet and eMedicineHealth which are part of the WebMD Health Network.

Click here to see the MedicineNet version. Click here to see the eMedicineHealth version.

Yay for extra income, bylines, and an updated writing portfolio!

Goals Update:
I accomplished my three most important things for today:

  • I exercised. (I went to the 5:45 a.m. shadow boxing class.)
  • I worked on wedding stuff. (I updated our spreadsheet with RSVPs and wedding presents we’ve received. I also talked to my dad about what song he would like for the father-daughter dance.)
  • I wrote a post.

Tomorrow’s 3 Most Important Things:

Fridays are my day off from self-improvement, although I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be continuing to work on all things wedding related.

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9 Responses to Freelance Work Alert

  1. That’s AWESOME!!! I’ve always wanted to freelance but I’ve never really put the effort into doing it. I really should try it out. Congratulations…that’s really great!

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is kind of disgusting (IMO, haha!), but Joe and I might be getting a kitten in a couple weeks. Our friend’s cat just had 7 kittens and he needs to get rid of them all. So yea…I may be a cat owner soon…although I would totally prefer (and can’t wait to get!) my teacup poodle!

  3. Timory Wilson says:

    I am so HAPPY you have joined me and the morning workout group! 🙂 One downside … I swear I have no energy Friday nights (from getting up early all week) so I always want to be in bed by 11 p.m.:) Congrats on completing so much freelance work, too!

    I can’t believe your wedding is about two weeks away. I cannot wait!

  4. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Thanks! It can take a lot of work to break into freelance gigs. A lot of your first assignments will be unpaid, but that’s fine because you’re just trying to build your portfolio and gain experience. What’s nice is that you already have your blog. You can always refer people to that to showcase your work. Be patient and be diligent. Good luck!

  5. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Since when did you not like cats and want a teacup poodle??

  6. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Yes, I’m discovering that I have no energy on the weekends anymore. I think with me, it’s a combination of getting up early to work out through the week and exhaustion from cramming so many errands and wedding chores into the weekends! This weekend is extra stuffed!

  7. Crys says:

    I saw that when I had to go do my daily search for Facebook links. Good job! I might be getting a freelance dealio soon … hopes.

  8. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Thanks Crys! I hope your freelance gig works out. I must warn you though — don’t take on any freelance projects too close to the wedding! I’m so grateful I didn’t try to tackle anything these last couple of months!

  9. haha…i never liked cats! they are gross!! i love poodles because they don’t shed. we’re getting a red toy poodle in a few weeks, can’t wait!

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