Got a Happiness Goal? Get ‘The Happiness Project’

(Photo courtesy of Gretchen Rubin/The Happiness Project Blog)

(Photo courtesy of Gretchen Rubin/The Happiness Project Blog)

I know I’m a little bit late in the game on this, but if you haven’t already heard, Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is now available. It’s only been out about one month, and it’s already a New York Times best-seller! Congratulations, Gretchen!

The Happiness Project came from an “a-ha” moment (yes, I borrowed that from O magazine) Gretchen had while riding a bus. She realized that life was passing her by, and she wanted to be happier. So, she decided to take action: Gretchen spent a whole year testing studies and theories on happiness, thus creating The Happiness Project book and blog.

I started following her blog about a year or so ago when she was featured in Psychology Today. Her interview was one of the motivating factors behind starting Tenacious Me.

Although I have to admit that I haven’t bought the book yet, I am looking forward to getting it. Gretchen’s blog is so thought-provoking and inspirational that I know I’ll enjoy the book.

If you have any happiness goals of your own, Gretchen’s book and blog are must-reads.

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7 Responses to Got a Happiness Goal? Get ‘The Happiness Project’

  1. Bob Bessette says:

    Hi Laura,
    I’ll have to look into this book. It would be great if you reviewed it here after you do read it. I’ll have to check out that interview.


  2. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Thanks, Bob. Yes, I’m looking forward to doing a book review after I’ve read The Happiness Project. Unfortunately, that will likely be a while since I just started my MBA program. I don’t have as much time for pleasure reading as I used to!

  3. Although I do find her blog interesting, I have to remind people that happiness isn’t something you can find “out there.” It’s something that comes from within. You can try for years to find happiness in the world…but you’ll never find it. Because true happiness comes from loving yourself, trusting in yourself, believing in yourself and knowing that you are whole, perfect and complete exactly as you are.

  4. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Thanks, Jennifer! I see your point, but I do think there’s a lot “out there” to be learned that can increase people’s happiness and that Gretchen offers some great insight. For example, after I learned about the concept, “Expectations are premeditated resentment” (a quote from Pastor Rudy Rasmus it helped me to be A LOT happier when things didn’t go the way I wanted or people didn’t act the way I expected.

  5. Yes, there is a lot “out there” that can help you learn how to increase your happiness. But that new information is something you have to internalize and figure out how to use it for yourself (because happiness comes from within). When I said happiness isn’t something you can find “out there,” I meant material things. Like, for example, my brother is probably the most miserable person I know. He’s so unhappy it’s ridiculous. But he tells himself he’s happy because he bought a townhouse or an expensive car or shirts that have a brand name on them. That kind of “happiness” isn’t really happiness, and it will never truly make you happy.

  6. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Ah, yes, now we’re on the same page. I think the missing link was internalizing the information and figuring out how to use it for yourself. I completely agree that most of us aren’t going to find meaningful, lasting happiness in material things (excluding our basic needs, of course).

  7. amaxwelltownsend says:

    Hey, in this same vein, you should check out this lady:

    She did a guest post on another cool blog that’s kind of cool too:

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