Tenacious Me Receives Positive Press From AAA Fair Credit Foundation


I’m honored and excited to share that Mr. Man’s posts about our experience enrolling in a debt management program (DMP) with AAA Fair Credit Foundation has been featured not only on its Facebook page, but it will also be featured in the foundation’s upcoming February newsletter.

If you missed the series, you can read part one here and read part two here.

As a general overview, our main financial goals for this year are to continue to reduce our credit card debt and build a sustainable emergency savings account. To meet both of the goals, a friend of mine recommended we use AAA Fair Credit Foundation. She had enrolled in a debt management program (DMP) with them, successfully completed the program and is still debt-free today, almost five years later.

We’re still in our first month in the program, but so far, our experience has been excellent. We’ll continue to keep you updated on our financial goals. In the meantime, if you have financial goals – from eliminating credit card debt, to building your savings to learning about investing – we recommend AAA Fair Credit Foundation to help you achieve them.

(Important note: We don’t receive any perks for recommending AAA Fair Credit Foundation. In fact, they have it clearly stated in their contract that participants will not receive any referral bonuses if they recommend the foundation to others.)

Please support Tenacious Me, and help me spread this exciting news!

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2 Responses to Tenacious Me Receives Positive Press From AAA Fair Credit Foundation

  1. Congrats! That’s awesome news!

  2. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    Thanks, Jennifer!

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