A Creative Wedding Table Number Idea

Few celebrations are more fun than weddings.

Mr. Man and I just got back from our friends’ wedding in Northern California last night. Like most women, I adore weddings, so it was sad to see the weekend celebration come to an end. What’s better than partying with a bunch of your favorite people in honor of two people you love starting their lives together as one family?

Now I knew the wedding was going to be gorgeous and planned perfectly because our friend Crystal, the bride, is so organized. She enjoys projects and planning, so she’s naturally good at it. (Check out Crystal’s blog about her adventures as a working step-mom to three energetic, wonderful boys at Modifying Motherhood.)

The detail I loved most though was their table numbers. For example, we were at table 6 and on the back of our Table 6 card was a picture of the youngest son and a quote by him. The picture was of him in a pig costume looking thoroughly un-amused (think Ralphie in The Christmas Story when he has to dress up in the pink bunny suit) with the quote, “When I grow up, I want to be a nasty piggy!”

Another one of my favorite quotes was from their middle son, “Everything is made in China, except for China.”

I loved this not only for its personal touch, but also because of the creative way it brought in the boys to be a big part of their special day. For anyone who may be marrying into a blended family, this is a creative way to include the kids who will also be new to the family.

It also works for a traditional wedding: Instead of pictures and quotes from the step-kids, pictures and quotes from the bride and groom could be substituted. Want an extra “aww” factor? Ask parents and relatives for pictures and quotes from childhood.

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3 Responses to A Creative Wedding Table Number Idea

  1. nduff says:

    This is such a great idea!! It seems like it would encourage mingling too since everyone will be going to the other tables to check out their table #.

  2. Laura Lee Bloor says:

    You’re totally right, Nduff — I know we checked out all the other table cards and chatted with people, so I’m sure many others did, too!

  3. Very interesting post! Thank you for this!

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