Upcoming Changes to Tenacious Me: Update

Don't settle for just "OK" -- make sure you're 100 percent excited to work with a group before you start on any goal or project.

A few of my goals for 2010 include improvements to Tenacious Me.

The biggest change is that Tenacious Me will soon be Tenacious Lee.

Again, the name change is simply because Lara Greenway already has Tenacious Me. (And she certainly does seem to embody the Tenacious Me spirit!) As I continue to grow, I figure it’s best not for anyone to confuse us. Plus, Tenacious Lee is a little more personal.

I don’t think any of you will have too much trouble remembering the new name!

I mentioned last week all the different people and services I was interviewing to see who could best help me move forward. I loved – and still love – all the individuals, especially Ursula with UC Web Creations who gave me an extremely professional and detailed quote, but they were all out of my price range.

Next, I looked at the services. They were all in my price range — $100 or less, not including domain name registration – but Webs.com had the most features.

So I gave Webs a test drive.

While it wasn’t terrible, it certainly wasn’t good quality. Then again, you get what you pay for.

The Webs blog has no option to text wrap around photos, and it took two days for them to fix a bug that was causing a simple photo not to load. Plus, there was no actual person to talk to for tech support; everything is handled through live chat and opening help tickets.

Don’t get me wrong, I think live chat can be a strong, helpful feature, and I’m used to opening and closing help desk tickets for technical support, but the main issue was that the turnaround time was very slow for very simple issues.

If I was having this many problems with the easy stuff, what would it be like when I wanted to add the hard stuff?

No thanks, Webs.

So, as of Sunday, I was back to square one.

Sure, I felt like I’d wasted a lot of time, but there were more leads to track.

  1. I contacted my alma mater, Ohio University. I emailed a couple of computer science and engineering professors to see if they had any students in their classes who might be interested in working on a project. One professor emailed me back saying he would pass the message along to interested students. I have yet to follow-up.
  2. I emailed The Chopping Block, which is the group that created Gretchen Reubin’s The Happiness Project Toolbox that I admire. That site is super fun, friendly and highly interactive. If you haven’t played around on it, do so now. As for the people at The Chopping Block, I never heard back from them. Guess they’re not interested in new business prospects.
  3. I explored Ladies Who Launch for leads. (This is another one of my favorite sites, and I’m a little embarrassed and ashamed I didn’t think to turn to it first.) I discovered the “Start Me Up” program. I was also able to submit a request for pre-screened web designers who met the criteria I wanted.

Monday morning, I received an email and call from websiteforge.com. I have my free initial consultation with Douglas Marks, Web site marketing consultant, tomorrow morning.

We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I’m excited and honored to announce that my first guest post will be appearing on Bob Bessette’s blog, Totally Unique Life, Monday, March 1. Don’t miss it!

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One Response to Upcoming Changes to Tenacious Me: Update

  1. Wow — sounds like you had a “fun” experience! Thanks for sharing – I now know to stay away from Webs.com. 😉

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