2 Responses to Got a Tax Refund? Use it to Create or Build an Emergency Savings Account

  1. Alex says:

    Great tips! I haven’t started using mint.com yet, but you have really motivated me to with this post. I am actually going to begin also putting money aside each week (10%). Having a savings account is crucial!

  2. i totally agree that it’s important to have a savings account for emergencies. (i would’ve done well to have one myself since i just had to shell out $1,100 to fix my car!)… with the tax refund, i have to say that it’s really important to use part of it for something fun and enjoyable. you worked really hard for that money and now it’s being given back to you, so you should use it.

    yes, part of it should go to a savings account. but be sure to pay yourself first. you deserve it.

    i am going to look into Mint.com. i am in desperate need of some budgeting help!

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