How to StickK to Your Goals and Achieve Them

My father Thomas Harold Bloor (affectionately referred to as THB because of his love for monogramming everything he owns) just came out to visit and brought with him his August subscription of Forbes magazine. Growing up, I never would have touched it, but now that I actually listen to the news and try to participate in society, I decided to give it another whirl.

One of the magazine’s features highlighted the new web site StickK, created by two Yale professors, Dean Karlan, Ian Ayres and Yale student, Jordan Goldberg. You can read the article here, and get a tutorial on how StickK works here.

What I like about StickK is that it incorporates the idea that we are more likely to achieve a goal if we have something to lose, like cold hard cash. Plus, it lets you designate a referee (usually a close friend or family member) to stay on you to ensure you’re not cheating. The other cool twist to StickK is that when you place money on your goals, you can decide whether a charity gets the money or an anti-charity.

(Just think: If you don’t lose weight or quit smoking, for each pound you don’t lose or each cigarette you smoke, you could have your money sent to support a white supremacist organization or Sarah Palin. Now how’s that for motivation?)

What I don’t like about StickK is that once you’ve selected what the stakes are for your goal, you can’t change them later. For example, I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted the stakes to be at the time I created my first goal, so I just selected “no stakes,” figuring I could go back and change it later. That’s a bummer because I did want to set up some stakes for my goal.

Before I add more of my 2010 goals, I realize that I need to conduct a mid-year goal review. Several of the goals need updated or flat out deleted. Once that’s finished, I think StickK will prove to be a fun tool that will help me achieve my goals.

What do you think about StickK? I hope to see you there and become one of your supporters!

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