Mid-Year Goal Review

My goals for 2010 sure have changed since the beginning of this year, how about you? It’s amazing what a difference just a few months can make.

General Observations

As I look at my goals for 2010, I notice right off the bat that I was unrealistically ambitious with my work goals. Not that there’s anything wrong with setting your goals high, but I definitely put way too much on my plate if I wanted all of these projects to achieve the high quality that I desire.

Another key problem that I could not have foreseen was just how much of a timesuck the MBA program would be. Working toward that one major goal kept me from working on many of my other goals, especially the relationship goals, exercise goals, spirituality goals, and happiness goals.

I also notice that my professional goals category is the only one with more than two to four goals listed. That should have been a red flag that I was setting myself up for failure.

Specific Changes

Professional Goals

  • Get at least a “B” or above in all my MBA classes. Goal Scrapped. [I turned in my “Leave of Absence” request last week. I’m giving myself one more semester to ensure I’m making the right choice.]
  • Acquire at least double the readership of this year for Tenacious Lee. Goal Achieved! [Now let’s see if I can acquire at least triple the readership for Tenacious Lee by the end of the year.]
  • Switch Tenacious Lee’s home from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. Goal More-or-Less Achieved! [I haven’t moved over to wordpress.org, but I did buy my domain name and set that up so that my URL is now TenaciousLee.com.]
  • Redesign the Tenacious Lee banner. Goal Achieved! [A big thank you to Mr. Man for his help with that. Need some basic web design for your site? Check out his services here.]
  • Adhere to a posting schedule of two posts per week, Monday and Thursday. Goal Swapped. [I have cut back to one post a week, Thursdays for now. Yes, it’s slowing my traffic, but I’m happier, so at least right now, I feel it’s the right move.]
  • Create a free e-book. Goal Scrapped. [Eek, I don’t know if this one is going to happen this year. I definitely underestimated how much work an e-book would take. This one may go on next year’s list.]
  • Start goal consulting serviceGoal Scrapped. [Again, I’ve jumped the gun on this one. I am not quite ready to start selling my services. In fact, this one is going on the shelf for a while.]
  • Secure a new, ongoing freelance writing position, if applicable. Goal Scrapped. [No, I don’t want to keep this goal anymore. It’s not something I want to pursue at this time.]
  • Complete three chapters of my novel. Goal Swapped. [Complete three chapters in my novel has changed to three chapters in my non-fiction book. More on this new project soon.]
  • Continue brainstorming and gathering information for other side business ideas. Goal Ongoing. [Gotta keep reading, writing and researching.]
  • New Goal: Use StickK to help me achieve my goal to write and pitch one guest post or article per month. Ongoing. [This one hasn’t started yet but is due to start next month.]

Relationship Goals

  • Continue our “date night” at least twice per month. Goal Ongoing. [Yes, we’ve stuck to this goal with very few exceptions. I like to keep it in my relationship goals to make sure it stays that way.]
  • Organize a reunion with friends at Ohio University this summer. Goal Achieved! [Our reunion was everything I could have asked for and more. Full of fun times and hilarious memories.]
  • Call friends I don’t get to see on a regular basis more often. Goal Ongoing. [I improved at this goal once I quit the MBA program, and it’s made me a lot happier. So, it stays on the list!]

Financial Goals

  • Enroll in the nonprofit credit counseling service AAA Fair Credit Foundation to consolidate all our credit card debt and get our credit card interest rates lowered. Goal Achieved! [We tackled this one at the beginning of this year. So far, we have paid off almost $4,000 of credit card debt! We still have a long way to go, but at least we’re on the right track.]
  • New Goal: Stick to our plan with AAA Fair Credit Foundation. Ongoing.
  • Build a sustainable emergency savings fund of at least $1,000 (one that we’re not dipping into every month or two). Goal Achieved and Then Not Achieved. [There was about three months where we definitely had at least $1,000 in savings and it felt great, but flying back to Ohio at a moment’s notice – twice – totally destroyed it. But that’s what having savings is for, right? So now, we’re slowly building it back up.]

Volunteer/Service Goals

  • Write once a month to my sponsor sister through Women for Women International. Goal Not Achieved. [My one sponsor sister has graduated from the program and I haven’t yet received my new sponsor sister, so this goal is on hold until I do.]
  • Fundraise for at least one charity event, most likely through a 5K or 10K run. [Goal Not Yet Achieved. I’m still on target to get the Breast Team Ever going though, so stay tuned!]
  • Restart my volunteering at Laura’s House. Goal Not Achieved. [I have tried several times this year to restart volunteering with Laura’s House but our schedules just aren’t meshing. I can only do weekends and evenings and that’s when the women are running errands or doing chores. So, I’m putting this goal on the shelf as well.]
  • Donate several bags of unused clothes and other items to charity. Goal Achieved! [We accomplished this one weekend at the beginning of this summer.]
  • New goal: Complete my training and start hospice volunteering. More on this later. Goal ongoing.

Exercise and Fitness Goals

  • Run one mile in under eight minutes. (At some point in time, I read that when you’re “in shape,” you can run a mile in eight minutes or less.) Goal Not Achieved. [I haven’t decided if I want to keep this goal or not, so for now, it stays.]
  • Run at least one charity 5K or 10K. I’d like to do the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure again and hopefully, this year I can do the Turkey Trot that helps the homeless in Orange County. (Read more about the Breast Team Ever and the 5K we ran.) Goal Not Achieved. [But as I mentioned above, we’re on target to assemble the Breast Team Ever, so stay tuned!]
  • Exercise five to six days per week. (Remember: A 20-minute walk around the neighborhood counts as much as a one-hour gym class.) Goal Not Achieved. [First, it was school that kept me from this goal. Now that I’m not in school and we’ve had visitors here or been traveling most of the summer, I use that as my excuse for not exercising. This weekend is the last of our visits with friends, so after that, let’s see if I can’t do better. I definitely want to keep working on this goal.]

Diet and Nutrition Goals

  • Keep up the good work! Continue to add more fruits and vegetables to my meals. Goal Ongoing. [It’s not that I don’t eat relatively healthy, it’s more that I overeat.]
  • New goal: Watch my portion sizes. Goal Ongoing.
  • Drink at least 16 ounces of water daily. Goal Ongoing. [Overall I’d say I’m doing pretty well with this. I do have days where I miss, but most days I’ve got it covered.]

Spiritual Goals

  • Meditate during or after (almost) daily workouts. Goal Ongoing. [Although I’ve been much better about meditating now that the MBA program is off my list, I still haven’t come close to making it part of my daily routine. I do want to make this happen though.]
  • Practice what I preach: Keep my priorities in line with my goals every day. Goal Ongoing. [Again, school made this important goal practically impossible. I’ve been so much better about this now that school is out, and it’s made me so much happier.]

Happiness Goals

  • Focus more on what I have accomplished instead of what I have not. Goal Ongoing. [I’m doing it right now – there are a lot of goals I’ve made solid progress toward!]
  • Practice daily gratitude. Goal Ongoing. [I’d say I accomplish this goal most days. And I can vouch that it really does boost my happiness.]

Home Goals

  • Redecorate at least two rooms in our apartment. Goal Not Achieved. [We have redecorated the kitchen and it is by far my favorite room in the apartment! Next up is the bathroom, but our landlord is supposed to be redoing our sink and shower this month or next, so we can’t tackle the bathroom until that is finished.]
  • Spend 10 minutes in the morning tidying before I go to work. Goal Ongoing. [This is another goal where I was doing great for a while and then I lost steam. I want to keep it though because it makes me feel productive before I even get to work.]

How are you doing on your 2010 goals? What general trends or surprises did you find?

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