Reinstate Healthy Habits

The lazy days of summer are over -- it's time to reinstate healthy habits.

I am awake and writing at 6:14 a.m. Let me be clear that I’m not a morning person. Yet, I’m writing in these pre-dawn hours because I didn’t have the energy to do it last night. I went to bed early instead because I was completely wiped out from my 3.75-mile run.

It’s incredible just how sweaty and exhausted I was from running not even four miles! Plus, I was still sore from Tuesday’s strength training workout, and I suffered some inner thigh chaffing from wearing shorts that clearly weren’t designed for long-distance running. (I desperately need to get some new workout clothes! Anyone have any favorites or suggestions?)

This week marks my return to diligently working at my exercise and fitness goals as well as my diet and nutrition goals. First, I gained weight because of the MBA program I was in for six months when I was lucky to get in one workout per week. Then, I packed on some extra pounds because it was summer and we went on our reunion vacation to Ohio University (OU) and to see Mr. Man’s family. (Thus, completing one of my big goals for 2010!) After we returned, friends were visiting us or we were visiting friends every weekend. This summer encompassed friends, feasting and drinking.

So while we had a wonderful time catching up and celebrating, weight loss was not part of the picture. Granted, I’m only eight to 10 pounds heavier than what I was at the beginning of 2010. However, my clothes don’t fit the way they should, and I cannot afford to buy new ones right now.

So here is my exercise schedule for this week:


  • Flaked. I was supposed to go on a run that was at least three miles.


  • Went to the crazy, intense strength training workout at my gym, 24 Hour Fitness.


  • Ran 3.75 miles.


  • Go to yoga class at my gym.


  • Take day off.



  • Go on a run that is at least 3.75 miles.

In addition to sticking to my exercise schedule, so far this week, I’ve also been eating healthy. Here’s my menu for this week so far, most recipes are courteous of Real Simple:



  • Honey Nut Cheerios cereal


  • 1 piece of leftover Hawaiian pizza


  • ½ stuffed pork chop, small potato with butter and parsley and small salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing
  • Glass of milk



  • Grits with brown sugar and glass of milk


  • Peanut butter and bacon sandwich


  • 5 crackers with brie cheese




  • Special K cereal and a banana


  • Edamame
  • Sashimi ahi, white rice and side salad


  • Small bowl of Greek yogurt honey-flavored with cantaloupe and cinnamon


  • Chicken satay, cantaloupe and side salad with light Ranch dressing
  • Glass of milk

The rest of this week will be filled with these meals for dinner and leftovers for lunch:

In theory, I should have been eating this well and exercising all along. However, trying to fit in exercise sessions and avoiding eating out a lot would have been difficult with everything else we were juggling. Plus, half the fun of being with friends is going out to eat and drink together.

Now that all the summer fun is over, I can buckle down and focus on rebuilding my healthy habits. Honestly, it hasn’t been bad at all so far — except being so sore for most of this week! Thank goodness working out should get less painful soon.

What’s the hardest part about getting back into healthy habits for you?

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