The Breast Team Ever Is Back for the Race for the Cure

The Breast Team Ever members in all their sweaty glory after running the Race for the Cure 5K (3.2 miles). The members are (from left to right): Mr. Man, Laura Lee Bloor Townsend, Kelly Hertzen (top), Jennifer White (bottom), and Connor White.

Last year marked the birth of The Breast Team Ever. This year The Breast Team Ever returns to run the Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure and fight breast cancer. The race is the morning of Sept. 26, 2010 in Newport Beach, Calif. Just as last year, we run in honor of breast cancer survivors Alice “Nan” Bougher, our grandmother, and Donna Minor, family friend.

I spent the last couple evenings setting up the web pages and writing and sending emails. I always underestimate just how long these small but important tasks will take.

If you would like to donate or join The Breast Team Ever, view our team page or my home page on the Susan G. Komen website. (You don’t have to be in the Southern California area to join the team; just select the “Sleep in for the Cure” option when you register.)

This will be the second year that I’ve co-captained a team and fundraised for a charity. I found that the more I get involved with the Race for the Cure event, the more I enjoy it, especially the fundraising.

The Breast Lemonade Ever stand was so much fun and such a big hit that Mr. Man and I can’t wait to set it up again. This year, we’ll run the Breast Lemonade Ever stand every Saturday until race day, which is an improvement over last year when we only ran it the one Saturday right before race day.

Join us in the fight against breast cancer and help improve the world. Thanks for your help and support!

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