Hangin’ Tough

Considering I hadn’t exercised at all for the last six weeks (I had cancerous moles removed, and sweating was strictly forbidden during the healing process), I was more than a little nervous to try the TRX suspension training class at the grand reopening of Functional Fitness last Saturday.

When I got up Sunday morning, it felt as if someone had replaced my calves, quadriceps and triceps with stones.

 But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The grand reopening served as an introduction to the merging of the Outdoor Fitness Adventure Club with the indoor studio of Functional Fitness, also known as the Outdoor Fitness Adventure Club’s indoor studio.

The Outdoor Fitness Adventure Club store will be closing and moving its merchandise online, while the Functional Fitness studio will be adding more programs and classes, founder Elaine Gjonovich said. Check out the latest schedule here.

What Is TRX Suspension Training?

Intrigued by the curious belts with stirrups hanging from pipes along the ceiling, I lured my friend and San Clemente local Jenny White (you may remember her from when we had our fitness assessment) with the promise of buying her a drink at Knuckleheads afterward if she came to class with me. Continue reading …

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