Go See the ‘Bodies’ Exhibit and Write a Thank-You Note to Your Body

One of the models from "Bodies, the Exhibition"

Go see "Bodies, the Exhibition."

Back in February, Mr. Man and I went to “Bodies, the Exhibition” while we were in Las Vegas. (We needed something to do after we blew all our money on booze, buffets and gambling.)

Joking aside, I had heard about the Bodies exhibit several years ago and had been eager to see it ever since. Mr. Man saw the exhibit in Pittsburgh a few years back and enjoyed it so much, he was happy to see it again.

Now, sure, the Bodies exhibit has its share of controversy, but to be that close to all our bodies’ intricate inner workings was truly fascinating and humbling. From the tiniest bone (the stirrup or stapes bone in your ear) to the roughly 28 feet of intestines, our bodies are marvels.

Perusing the exhibit, I became intensely aware of how much our bodies do for us. Constant subtle and precise work goes into the most basic of functions: hearing, seeing, digesting, breathing, walking, talking, thinking. Because so much of the work is automatic, we rarely stop to notice.

It made me think: When was the last time I thanked my body for all it does? Do I show my body respect and care for it as well as it cares for me?

Most of the time, yes. I aim for eight hours of sleep a night, I eat balanced meals, I brush and floss. I avoid processed foods, I exercise several times a week, I keep up loving relationships with others, and I try to keep my stress low. Again, the key words are “most of the time.” Sometimes, I drink too much, eat fast food and skimp on sleep.

I could do better. I could make one of my general health goals be to show more appreciation and respect for my body through my daily actions.

I could start on this goal by writing a thank-you letter to my body.

My Thank-You Note to My Body

Dear Body,

Thank you so much for your support. I am so grateful for all that you do. I love how you always know exactly what to do at just the right time. You give me the joy of interacting with the world through all five of my senses, which is an incredible gift. Without all your hard work, I wouldn’t be here.

To show my appreciation, I vow to take the best care of you that I can. I promise to love and accept you just the way you are, although I will push you to be the best you can be. I’ll give you plenty of laughter, love, rest and knowledge. I’ll give you nourishing foods and drinks and keep you strong through exercise and play. I promise to listen to you when you are trying to tell me something, such as when I need a break. My thoughts and emotions affect you, so I’ll try to keep them kind and gentle.

I will do my best to reciprocate the unconditional love you show me every day, as you are the temple of my soul.

Laura Lee

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